A welcome from The RJ Mitchell Primary School


I have felt very privileged to be the Headteacher of RJ Mitchell Primary School for over 13 years. It has been wonderful to see the school grow and develop into the incredibly inclusive school that it is today...


My name is John Raynham and I am the Chair of the governing body. I joined the R J Mitchell governing body in March 2014 and prior to that was a governor at Abbs Cross Academy for 4 years. Professionally I am a Senior Manager at a national charity supporting homeless young people...

The governing body at R J Mitchell is a small group of teachers, parents and people from the local community. They have a broad mix of skills and experience and work with the Headteacher and senior staff to ensure the school operates safely and effectively.

The Governing Body's main role is to ensure that the Headteacher and senior staff have:

• A clear and ambitious vision for the school captured and communicated in the School Development Plan.
• A high performing teaching staff with the skills and resources they need to do their job effectively.
• A broad and balanced curriculum that enables all children to enjoy and achieve in their education.

The Governing body monitors school performance and holds the Headteacher and senior staff to account. The Headteacher provides the Governing body with a termly report summarising the school's performance in the following areas:

• Achievement and progress
• Quality of teaching
• Leadership & management
• Behaviour and safety
• Physical health and safety
• Premises
• School life

This provides the governing body with the information they require to challenge performance and ensure that the school provides a safe and stimulating environment in which the children can thrive.

Should you be interested in becoming a school governor or want to discuss further the role and responsibilities of the governing body please contact me via the school.



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The Parents and Teacher Association at R.J. Mitchell consists of a small number of parents and teachers. Our aim is to raise funds for the "extras" that are needed which cannot be provided from within the school budget...

Over the last few years we have been lucky enough to purchase the Early Years outside play equipment and fencing, making this area safe and secure. Redecoration of the main hall by bringing this into the 21st century with new blinds, curtains, sound system, overhead projector and screen. Our most recent project was obtaining Wi-Fi throughout the school building and grounds. The libraries - we have already updated the junior library and are now funding the work on the infant library.

We organise celebrations for St. George's Day and Christmas, arrange cake sales, mother and father day stalls, hold an annual summer fete and Christmas bazar. For the adults there are monthly coffee mornings, quiz nights, bingo and race evenings even the odd ladies' disco!

The children not only benefit from funds we raised above, but also at Easter and Christmas, as they each receive a gift.

We also raise funds for outside charities i.e. MacMillan Cancer Support, Cancer Research UK, FirstSteps and most recently St Francis Hospice.

As you are aware raising any funds is extremely hard, especially at present, so we are always open to suggestions, new ideas and, of course, help.

If you would like to get involved and help make your child's school an even greater place to be, please leave your details with the school office and we will contact you.

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Everything we do in school is based on our core values. Everybody in our school community shares these values and we make use of them every day in all sorts of ways:


R.A.F. Hornchurch and R.J. Mitchell
The site of The RJ Mitchell Primary School holds a very special place in 20th Century history. The school is built on the Parade Ground of RAF Hornchurch, an airfield with history going back to World War 1 and a vitally important sector airfield during The Battle of Britain...

During World War 1, the base on this site was known as RAF Suttons Farm, an airfield tasked with the job of protecting London from raiding Zeppelins. On September 3rd 1916, Lt William Leefe-Robinson took off from Suttons Farm and shot down the first Zeppelin to be destroyed over Great Britain. For this he became a popular hero and was awarded the Victoria Cross.

It was during the Second World War that RAF Hornchurch, as it was now called, really came into its own. RAF Hornchurch was one of four main airfields that formed Number 11 Group of Fighter Command of the RAF. During The Battle of Britain, Hornchurch was at the centre of the action. It played host to many famous squadrons, including 222 Squadron, 74 Squadron, 65 Squadron, 51 Squadron, 41 Squadron and 54 Squadron. It was unique, in that these squadrons were exclusively equipped with Spitfires, the aircraft invented by RJ Mitchell. Many of the most famous of all Spitfire aces were stationed at RAF Hornchurch, including Al Deere, Adolf 'Sailor' Malan, James Leathart, Peter Brown, Harry Broadhurst, H.M. Stephen and Bob Stanford-Tuck. The base also played host to a squadron of the ill-fated Boulton-Paul Defiants during the Battle of Britain, as well as a squadron of Blenheims, which were light bombers. Many young men went to their deaths from RAF Hornchurch during the Battle of Britain and their stories must never be forgotten. This is one of the reasons why the school is committed to keeping the memories of RAF Hornchurch alive.

The school contains many artefacts, pictures, and a copy of the airfield station crest in the hall. The school also maintains strong links with the RAF Hornchurch Association and it also contains the memorial to RAF Hornchurch in its grounds.

The rich heritage is also remembered in the names of the school teams (Spitfire pilots) and in the RJ Mitchell prize for endeavour, which is given by RJ Mitchell's son every year. The school tie is actually an RAF tie and RJ Mitchell is one of only two schools in the UK that is allowed to wear one of these as part of its uniform.

The school is justifiably proud of its heritage but it is also a forward looking school. We do not seek to glorify war, but but to remember the sacrifice of brave people in extraordinary circumstances.

Find out more about RAF Hornchurch at www.rafhornchurch.thehumanjourney.net

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You can download a copy of the school's latest Ofsted report below:


Click below to download a list of school staff:


Mr John Raynham  Chair
Mr Jeff Reader  Vice Chair Co-Opted
Mr Chris Bancroft  Parent
Mr Jay Baxter  Parent
Mr Terry Collins  Parent
Mr Bob Hicks  Co-Opted
Mr Akin Kayode  Co-Opted
Ms Remi Osokoya  Co-Opted
Mr Barry Read  Headteacher
Mrs Pauline Spillman  Staff

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